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June 2017 The Project has teamed up with Clean Up Australia to call on NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, and WA Premier Mark McGowan to #BanTheBag. Add your name and keep the pressure on our politicians: https://www.change.org/p/gladys-berejiklian-ban-plastic-bags-across-nsw-victoria-and-wa

Thursday 8 June, 2017: the report from the inquiry into the bill to ban plastic bags, microbeads and excess plastic packaging in Victoria was tabled.
Despite having more than six months, a 11,600 physical signature petition, a 150,000 online signature petition, a federal senate inquiry, five other states and territories to learn from, 2872 public submissions and two days of public hearings the members of the Environment and Planning Committee have handed down an incredibly disappointing conclusion.

That "the Committee is not in a position to fully assess the Bill’s impact on communities, families, individuals, businesses and the environment in its current form." It has recommended that "the government undertake a formal assessment of the impact of the Bill on communities, families, individuals, businesses and the environment."

We are left dumbfounded on how a group of people would require any more information to hand down a decision.

Please write to your local state MP, Daniel Andrews and Lily D'Ambrosio MP and let them know we have waited long enough.

Read the report in full here

17 August 2016: Plastic Bag Free Victoria handed 11,600 signatures to Greens Senator Nina Springle on the steps of Parliament of Victoria. Read the full press release


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